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It is our pleasure to share a few of the many testimonials we receive from our students. Here is what they have to say about us.

"Thanks to Driving Instructor Bob's help! I was able to pass much quicker than I expected. He gave me confidence in myself that I could pass, and reassured me on the way to the test centre. I felt very confident with my instructor and would recommend him to anyone."

Amanda Schofield,
Harrow on Hill

"Massive thanks to Bob, it doesn't get much better than passing with no minors, and this would not have been the case without your assistance throughout. A great driving instructor, picking up on every mistake and correcting it before it becomes a habit. I have already booked to complete the Pass Plus scheme with Drive Masters. Thanks again."

Dean Smith,

"Passed 1st time many thanks to Bob. Indeed an outstanding instructor. He's unselfish in teaching significant points needed so you can pass the test 1st time and become a safe and skilful driver for life. He's always punctual, very understanding and undoubtedly possesses much knowledge. I highly recommend Bob and his company Drive Masters."

Louise Peteson,

"The service was professional and very human and personal. Thank you for all your help and support. I would highly recommend you to others."

Chris Brooks,

"Have to say a massive thank you to your company and especially instructor Bob. I learnt so quickly and felt very comfortable and at ease with my instructor."

Nisha Patel,

"My instructor Bob was brilliant. I did an intensive course over 2 weeks and if it wasn't for his motivation and positivity, I would not have passed. He continuously praised me which boosted my confidence at the same time ensured that errors were highlighted and addressed. He was very professional unlike other instructors I have been with from other driving schools. I cannot recommend him enough to those wishing to join Drive Masters Driving School."

Jayesh Segaram,

"I passed my driving test in Pinner with just couple of minor faults. My lessons with Bob were great. He helped me get onto the roads in just a few weeks, Thanks!!"

Janet Fernendes,

"Just to say a huge Thank you to Bob my Instructor for putting up with me!! I will recommend you and Drive Masters to my friends & Family. Take care, I'll see you around!"

Shazia Selam,

"Was very happy with Drive Masters School of Motoring service. I was learning how to drive on British Roads after being an overseas driver for 16 years. Bob made the transition simple. Would highly recommend this driving school."

Sue Harper,

"I just passed my test. I would like to thank Bob for the lessons he gave me and also say thank you for taking me on test at short notice and helping me achieve my full driving license."

Michelle Rowland,

"I passed my driving test first time with Drive Masters School of Motoring. My driving instructor, Bob, followed a structured learning approach and explained the procedures in detail, making learning to drive easy. I would recommend Bob to any learner who wants to drive safely on the road."

Gurvir Johal,

"Wow! I'm so happy...I can't believe that I passed my driving test first time! I owe it all to my wonderful instructor Bob. I've taken many driving lessons through the years and I've always given up, however, Bob helped to build my confidence and self belief. I'm extremely grateful to Bob at Drive Masters. THANK YOU!"

David Bowen,

"Passed my test 1st time with just 3 minors. On my test, I had the examiner and the senior examiner in back seat, which added to the pressure but as Drive Masters had trained me very well, I passed the test -Thank you guys!"

Laura Perkes,

"I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Bob. From the moment I got in the car on my first lesson to passing my driving test he helped to massively improve my confidence and ability to pass my test. When teaching, he is very clear and thorough in his instructions. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who wants to learn to drive!"

Simran Aulak,

"I picked Drive Masters on Google to do my driving lessons with after I found other students' reviews said they were really good. Bob was my instructor and he's been great, he was very flexible and also gave me loads of good advice and tips to help me pass my driving test and I passed on my first attempt. I was extremely happy with him and I highly recommend Drive Masters particularly to others!"

Sailesh Shah,

"I needed to drive asap for my career as an electrician. Found Drive Masters on Google, and the driving instructor Bob taught me from a beginner through to passing my test in few weeks. Great driving school, very professional and competent."

Steve Miles,

"I had a very good instructor Bob and passed my practical driving test after just few lessons, which was amazing. My family and my instructor then advised me to do my Pass Plus, which I did, and not only did it improve my confidence on Motorway driving, but it also reduced my insurance premium."

Nicoleta Prezeria,

"My friend recommended Drive Masters School of motoring after he passed his driving test with them. Learning to drive was not as hard as I expected, but it was hard to perfect everything. Bob, my driving Instructor's methods were very effective and perfect for my personal learning style. I will be recommending Drive Masters to my friends as I found them to be very professional and effective."

Vijay Chohan,

"I was very happy with the service from Drive Masters School of Motoring. Everything went very smoothly. I choose the intensive course as it suited me to get my driving licence quickly. My Instructor was brilliant and really helped me pass my test. Thanks !!"

Vyonne Taylor,

"My Neighbour Recommended Drive Masters school of motoring to me. Passed first time with Bob, I feel like I have learnt a lot of road skills to tackle any situation & when I wanted to do the pass plus I knew exactly who to go to – thanks Bob"

Richard Clarke,